It’s a situation many students have been in before: The night before your paper is due; you sit down armed with your book, notes and caffeine, ready to produce the greatest paper your teacher has ever read… and your laptop dies. Totally and completely unresponsive, the only compressible reason being either karma or Murphy’s Law.

You begin to panic. Palms sweat, hands shake and visions of failing grades swim in front of your eyes. Your friends and roommates have long since gone to bed, laptops tucked in bags and backpacks. Where can you possibly find a computer?
And then you remember: the Power Room.

The Power Room is one of the major technology centers on campus, named for Thomas F. Power, a 1963 graduate of Gannon. Found in the basement of Waldron Campus Center, the Power Room has 20 computers, a scanner, a copy machine and three study rooms with TV hookups. Add several vending machines to that and you have the perfect space to study, whether last minute or well in advance.

Waldron Campus Center serves as the main hub for many campus activities. Read some other posts that will give you a bit of insight as to what goes down in Waldron.