Earlier this month I had the opportunity to go to Westminster College to participate in the Pennsylvania Communication Association’s annual conference. I, along with two other theatre students, went and talked to a panel of professors about our experience at the International Fringe Theatre Festival.

I was dreading the car ride there– I do not know why I did not want to go and share my experience. That quickly changed. Once there, our memories flowed out of us like a fast stream; we filled an hour of time spewing information and stories. To think I have a professional conference under my belt! It really was a great experience.

Also, I got to meet a talent agent with some other Gannon students this month. Victor Perillo came to talk with theatre students about the audition process.  He had a lot to say about the format of auditions these days and not much of it was favorable. He said a great deal, however, that was inspiring and reaffirmed the decisions I’ve made about what I am doing and learning here in an undergraduate program at Gannon. I am very grateful for all of the experiences provided here!

That’s all for now, you’ll be hearing from me soon!


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