Today started the first day of our Merida spring break adventure! We got to campus at 1:45 am and left for Cleveland on a bus. We flew Cleveland -> to Miami-> to Merida! After a long day of travel, we were greeted by our community partners from the Mission of Friendship Azucena, Jose, and Azucena’s little son. We were welcomed by 90-degree heat and it felt great after leaving Cleveland in a snowstorm.

We drove to Casa Blanca and the Mission House where we’ll be staying for the week, and we were shown our rooms with personalized name decorations and a Welcome Gannon poster! Azucena and Jose reviewed our itinerary and then we had some time to unpack before dinner.

We got dinner at a local restaurant while chatting with Jose and Azucena and testing our Spanish skills. It was so much fun trying to order in Spanish and chatting over a dinner of Pancero tacos and 3 kinds of salsa.

We then picked up some groceries for the week and planned our meals. After an exhausting day, we came back unloaded our groceries, and had a brief reflection on our day. So excited for what this week has in store.