Morosky Academic CenterMany non nursing, pre-med, medical technology or other health related majors don’t see this building during a regular academic day.

But for those students who are, the Morosky Academic Center is a second home.

This building is one of the major academic buildings on our campus and all students have the possibility of having classes there. It is a relatively new addition to campus – after having been added in 2008 – and harbors state-of-the-art simulation centers as well as other science labs and classrooms.

The building’s full name is the Robert H. Morosky Academic Center  and it is the home of the Robert H. Morosky College of Health Professions and Sciences. The building is about 100,000 square feet and has given Gannon University the chance to reorganize and better position the classes specified to health profession/science classes.

It was only in 2007 that the university went from a two-college university to a three-college university, thus all but requiring a new building to be purchased for academic use to better collaborate the classes now needed for the third college’s majors.

Morosky has three floors, each specifically designed to accommodate the needs of the students and professors that will be using them.

The lower level – which is actually partially underground – is dedicated to medical imaging. This level holds numerous labs dedicated to tests such as x-rays and is actually surrounded by lead walls to ensure the safety of anyone in the building.

The first floor holds classrooms for physical therapy, occupational therapy, sport and exercise science, nutrition and human performance. The third floor is home to the labs for nursing, physician’s assistant, and respiratory care facilities.

The Patient Simulation Center is a fully-staffed, 5,800-sq.- ft. education and training facility.

The Patient Simulation Center is a fully-staffed, 5,800-sq.- ft. education and training facility.

These labs are actually patient simulator labs in which there are specially designed human mannequins connected to and controlled by new, innovative technology that actually gives them the ability to display a certain action and give proper responses to human interactions.

The labs are designed to give students the ability to practice the clinical skills they will need in a controlled environment before they actually perform them on human beings.

Some of the labs in the patient simulation center are replicates of actual healthcare environments; Morosky is home to an emergency room, operating room, seven-bed critical care unit, post-anesthesia recovery unit, a pediatric room and a labor/delivery suite.

The building also holds the Dean’s office for the Morosky College of Health Professions and Sciences, which is the Dean’s office for approximately 1,500 students, comprising 35 percent of Gannon’s student population.

Sophomore physician assistant major Elissa Burk appreciates the potential the building gives her in her studies.

“The building is very new and up to date,” Burk said. “The classrooms and labs are designed perfectly to help teach exactly what needs to be known about the subject they are distinguished for.”

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