Productivity is a key ingredient in any college recipe. Being productive makes you feel more accomplished throughout your day and overall makes you feel better about yourself. When I personally feel productive I feel like my life is together and all my ducks are in a row. Achieving each dream you have will help you become more successful in the long run, and being productive will definitely boost your self-esteem. Keeping a positive and open-mind is an excellent way to keep yourself going, and knowing that you are not going to give up is simply the icing on the cake!



Setting Big Goals:


Setting goals for yourself and working toward them daily is a great way to increase productivity. I find that setting goals for myself really help me with my direction in life and it gives me something to work toward. When I accomplish those goals I set, it makes me feel excited that I finally achieved what I wanted. Working on small parts every day to move closer to the goal is a good feeling because you are getting things done daily and it keeps you motivated.






Journaling is a very good way to get to know yourself better. Getting your thoughts out on paper is so therapeutic and it helps to figure out what exactly is jumbled in your mind. As soon as I get my thoughts onto paper I immediately fall into my happy place. Journaling helps me to plan out my life better and makes my brain feel less clustered. The beauty about journaling is that you have no rules about what to write and you can obtain a more clear mindset by doing so.




Motivational Quotes:


Reading motivational quotes in the morning when I wake up, makes me want to work hard and conquer the day. Sometimes all you need is a little boost to lift you up when you’re feeling down. My favorite way to obtain motivational quotes is using the app called “Motivation”. You can set different times on your phone when you want to receive alerts that have the quotes and you also have the ability to scroll through and give the quotes you like a thumbs up. This makes it easily accessible for you to go back and look at all your favorites.




Holding Yourself Accountable:


Holding yourself accountable when it comes to accomplishing your goals can be tricky. However, your goals will not achieve themselves and you are the only one who can fully achieve them. Having a set time during the day that is designated for you to get work done will help you to be more productive because you know exactly when you need to get things done.




Giving Yourself Breaks:


Working on something for hours at a time easily gets tiring and that is not even worth arguing. Let’s say that you have a ten-page paper due at the end of the week. It can be definitely daunting to get a start on the project. However, if you work on your task in timed increments, this often helps get the job done. Give yourself 30 minutes to work on the paper and after that time is up to allow yourself to have about 15-minute snack or social media break. After your break continue to work on your paper, but this time working on it for about 45 minutes and then you can take a 20-minute break. Continue to increase your working time and also increase your break time by a few extra minutes. This is an excellent trick that gives your brain a break and helps you work more efficiently. If you have never tried this method, you need to at least once!




Rewarding Yourself:


After you have taken all of the baby steps, and you have finally reached your set goal, what do you do… reward yourself for all your hard work of course! Being productive is not an easy job and that is why rewarding yourself after you have completed your goal is so important. You can reward yourself in a number of ways such as getting coffee the next morning or taking a weekend off to hang out with friends. Whatever you want your reward to be, do not be afraid to treat yourself after all your hard work is done!




These are all of my tips on how to be more productive throughout your life. By trying out some of these tips I can really see a difference in my work ethic and I have turned into a much more productive person. They have really changed the way that I get work done and I feel as if my life is starting to come together. Do not be afraid to try some out and figure out which work best for you!