2017 Gannon International Night takeover… These three friends performance of an Indian song was spectacular and left the audience to a standing ovation. Instagram: @maithambasha

If you ever wanted to travel the world in one day, Gannon’s annual International Night celebration is for you. Between the food, the music, and the company, International Night is always a favorite on campus.

If food is something that brings you an immense sense of joy like it does me, then taste-testing different foods from various cultures is a activity for you. This year’s event was fantastic… check out a rundown. 

International Night had everything from Gelato (from the Italy) to mini Gyro’s. The food was sensational (I went back twice for those mini Gyro’s) and it was really like traveling the whole world in just an hour. I have to comment on America’s table, not only did America have desserts, but they were the most sugary and delicious desserts I have ever had. While the sugar was just starting to kick on, I felt as though I was totally immersed in several different cultures all at once and was welcomed with open arms by each and every one of them. As I looked around, I saw that many people were dressed in their traditional native garments, which made me feel relaxed, because I too was dressed in a traditional Indian dress (thanks to my lovely roommate).

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As the night went on, there was a sense of nostalgia in the air, whether it was from the dancing or from the uncontrollable laughter that filled the room, I couldn’t help but feel at home. International Night was truly the best night I have ever spent on Gannon’s campus, it was truly unforgettable and I am sure many of those who went would have to agree.

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photo via Office of Global Support and Student Engagement, Facebook

If you were not able to make it, I would suggest marking your calendar for next year, because International Night is the event of the season (sorry Springtopia, but International Night has priority). If food isn’t your thing, which I don’t know why it wouldn’t be, then authentic dancing is for you. It just so happens that International Night has just that.

Various groups preformed many different dance routines depending on what culture they were representing. They had everything from traditional India dances to Afro-Cuban to Polish line dancing. The possibilities were endless.

Seeing not only our Gannon community, but individuals from all around Erie coming together to share in this experience was breath-taking.

“The embodiment of love, support, and happiness engulfed the whole room and left a lasting effect on every one who came out and showed their support.”

Gannon’s slogan, “Believe in the Possibilities” is the very essence of what International Night was founded on. It is the foundation that left such a profound impact on many people, including myself. It is essentially what made me choose Gannon to be my home for four years, and International Night brought back all of those memories and nostalgia. So believe in the possibilities, I did, and I will never forget the heartfelt impact that International Night has given me.

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photo via Krima Patel, Facebook