The second half of the school year brings a lot of anticipation for high school students. They are waiting for summer; seniors are waiting for admissions decisions from colleges and universities, and those institutes are waiting to hear confirmation of which students will be joining them in the fall.

Although all the work required for applying is over, by no means is spring a time to be just waiting around. I asked two enrollment advisors, Julie Coppolo and Miles Vida, what advice they have for students in all stages of the admissions process:






Matt: Most students at this point have probably heard back from at least some schools. What advice do you have for accepted students who are trying to choose between them?

Julie and Miles: VISIT!

Julie:  At this stage, there is no better way to help with your decision than to visit– even if it’s for a second or even third time.

Miles: Spending time on the campus, interacting with students and staff is the best way to see if you are a great fit for that campus and vice versa.

Julie: Also, don’t panic. There are plenty of students who are still trying to decide so don’t put any unnecessary pressure on yourself. Take your time and follow your heart.


Matt: What about students who are still waiting to hear back; what should they be doing?

Julie: Don’t be afraid to follow-up. If you are concerned that it’s taking a long time, it’s okay to call the admissions office. That way you can actually talk to someone, and they can explain exactly what is going on.

Miles: But have patience! I know we live in a digital society where information is available at students’ fingertips. However, the college admission process still takes time. Please know that the office of admissions is spending time putting together your academic profile.


Matt: Personally, I found out about Gannon long after I thought I had finished applying to colleges. Is it ever too late to apply?

Miles: It’s never too late to apply!

Julie: It is certainly important to pay attention to application deadlines; but here at Gannon we operate on rolling admissions, so we can process applications up until the first day of classes!


Matt: Is there anything else students should know about the application process, or admissions in general?

Julie: Financial aid will be the next biggest step in this process. Make sure your FAFSA is filed and submitted to the school, and then patiently wait for a final award letter.

Miles: Check your email. I know this sounds like common sense, but students tell me all the time that they never check their traditional email. Most colleges are going green, and the days of mailing all letters are in the past.

Julie: Remember to enjoy the remainder of your senior year, and be sure to keep in touch with any questions!


For more information about the enrollment advisors, or to contact them for any questions, talk with an advisor at; or call 1-800-Gannon-U and dial one to be connected to admissions!