I consider myself rather tech-savvy. I’m pretty good at figuring out the basics and some shortcuts on a computer or tablet and I can fix a couple common errors on my laptop. I’m confident that I can manage anything with Windows that you put in front of me. On a good day, I’m decent on an iPad or iPod.

I got a new phone over break: an iPhone, the phone I’d been waiting for basically since it appeared on the market. And I’m completely confused. I mean, I downloaded the important apps – Temple Run and Instagram among the chosen few – and figured out how to add music. I even set cool lock and home screen pictures.

That was about the extent of my skills. On the first full day, I managed to import and then delete all my contacts.

I’ve also managed to (subconsciously?) delete kind of important events from my calendar, including a mandatory meeting, all of my accounting classes and the performances of the show I directed. This is not how I imagined having this phone would go.

Don’t get me wrong – I love this phone. I like how (relatively) easy it is to use and the overall design of the phone makes me feel fancy. Like I’m some sort of VIP. I just was not expecting this learning curve.

Learning curves are one of those things I like to forget about. I don’t like to be reminded that I’m not as perfect or talented as I pretend to be. It takes time and some serious work to get over these little bumps in the road and get back to business as usual. No one picks things up instantly. You have to put work in to get the results you want, whether the result is school-related or just setting the alarm clock on your new phone.

I’m just going to try and take these little failures in stride. I probably have bigger things to worry about.