School’s in session, and I’m living in a four-person place at the Harborview Apartments.  I love living here, taking great classes, doing something new every day and writing for Edge with awesome people. It’s the life!

I live on the fifth floor of Harborview. Standing out on the balcony is everything I dreamed it would be.  It makes me feel like the world and all of its problems are tiny, relaxing and exciting me at the same time.  The elevators make me feel important, like I’m too good for stairs, but I also experience the excitement of a little kid when I ride it.

The apartment itself is more than enough.  The kitchen has a full-size refrigerator, electric stove and dishwasher. With two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a dining room, I never feel cramped.  I recently found out that we have cutting-edge fire alarm technology.  It’s actually a woman’s voice telling everyone to evacuate the building. The strobe lights are in sync so that they won’t cause seizures in people sensitive to that sort of thing.

Another great feature is the buzzer. When I’m expecting guests, I don’t have to wait in the lobby for them.  The guests push a button, I hear a buzz, I push a button and the guests are on their way up.

All of this writing, and so far I’ve only told you about my apartment. Don’t worry; there are still lots of exciting things for me to talk about. I’ll continue in my next post so stay tuned!