Today we woke up and ate breakfast with the core members here at El Arca. We ate a variety of different food including a sweet bread, “Pan Dulce” which was very delicious. After breakfast we headed to the City Center in downtown Queretaro. We immersed ourselves in the culture by shopping at different stores and eating churros! After a few hours of shopping, we walked to the market to explore some more. By 2:00 we were ready to eat and headed to a local restaurant where the manager served us authentic, indigenous food. After that we headed home for much needed siesta time after being in the heat and walking all day. After a quick refresh, we went up on the roof at sunset to look out over the beautiful city. We hung out on the roof just talking, journaling, and enjoying each others company before winding down for the night with a light dinner around 8 pm.
¡Bueños Noches!
-Kylene and Natalie