Hola, my name is Maddie Duschek!! I am a leader on the L’Arche Mexico trip and this is my third ABST I have been on (I just keep coming back for more)! I have truly found so much love, kindness, and growth during this trip so far!

Today, we had the opportunity to finish up our work in the garden space and we finalized our design details. It has been such a beautiful experience giving some love to the L’Arche home and giving back to their community. Afterwards, we had lunch with the core members and spent quality time with one another. I always appreciate these little moments spent together.

Next up, we visited the city center of Querétaro and it was absolutely breathtaking. The view from Mirador de Los Arcos was stunning. We got to truly immerse in their culture and explore the city. We purchased items from the locals and practiced our Spanish skills. To end our night, we got tacos from a local market and they were so delicious! But the salsa was extremely spicy, my taste buds were screaming!! 

We had such a beautiful day and I am so thankful for all the moments and experiences we have had so far. I am so excited to see what the rest of our trip has in store for us!

Exploring Downtown
Mirador de Los Arcos