Today we started off our morning at 541 eatery. We grabbed coffees and met with the volunteer coordinator, Cath and learned all about how 541 started and their journey so far. 541 eatery is a pay it forward organization, where money isn’t a barrier in having access to a meal. They have a button system where people can buy a button for $1, donate them, and if someone does not have money for a meal, they can use pre-paid for buttons to supplement the cost of their meal. All menu items are low priced, great quality and full of flavor. During our visit, we enjoyed coffee and cappuccinos as well as a nice lunch.

We then had some free time so we explored some local shops in Hamilton. We went to several antique stores and a book store as well!

We came back to the house we are staying at and had reflection and relaxed for a bit

For dinner, we went to Act 5, which is a community living space for gap year students. We were able to meet some of the residents and learn about the program. They also told us about a great local ice cream place which we stopped at on our way home.