As a student, it’s nearly impossible to maintain a grocery bill and clothing needs without some sort of income. If you’re 21 and your parents still give you an allowance, I’m not saying that’s weird – just unusual. Good for you, if that’s the case! But the rest of us have got to earn our spending money.

I’ve got a little money saved. During the summer, I’m a waitress by night and the Smiley Cookie by day.

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I’ve got to pay the bills somehow.

During the school year, it’s harder to make time for work. It’s not news that juggling homework, studying and being involved with activities can be a hefty load. But I’m of the opinion that people who have less time to work with manage the little time they have better than others.

I make ends meet working for the family Flock. No, I’m not a dog-walker. I work for a husband and wife at my two jobs in totally different capacities. In the mornings, I work at Erie Arts & Culture under the supervision of Mrs. Jessica Flock, and after class, I walk over to meet Mr. Zach Flock in the admissions building to do just this: EDGE Magazine. I know what you’re thinking; I can’t believe I get paid to do this, either.

Not only are my bosses super cool, but my work study jobs are something I want to do. There are some work study positions that – let’s be honest – are less-than-glamourous. No delivering mail or shoveling snow for this girl.

By day, I’m compiling a list of all the art and cultural events happening in Erie this month or writing a story on the super massive jazz collection at the Blasco Library. In the afternoon, I’m in Hammermill Center directing a goofy video such as Victor E. Knight dancing to “Uptown Funk” or a “how to” on preparing for life after college.

Seeing how complimentary the couple is to one another is a real treat. Jess is super organized, yet very laid back – basically the boss everyone wants to have. She’s a naturally caring person that’s more concerned with how you’re doing than what you’re doing. I’ve never had a boss who has cared less about micromanaging. It’s that attitude that makes me want to work harder so as not to disappoint. I live for whatever “tumblr of the day” Jess has prepared for me for a mid-morning work break.

Zach is also a great boss, but the polar opposite of Jess. He is enthusiastic and passionate. Anytime I talk to him, he’s got a great concept for a new video or blog. I think what I’ve learned most from this guy is that if I don’t know how to do something, I ask around until I find out. Turns out Siri knows quite a bit.

Working for both of them has taught me a lot about the downtown Gannon community. It’s funny the way all things are sort of linked together. Organizations downtown really work together to help each other out.Whether it’s supporting the Cultural Loop or Winterfest at the Leaf, Gannon and downtown Erie have each others’ backs.

Needless to say, I’m learning a lot. It’s enjoyable and a major-related experience for me as a Theatre and Communication Arts student.  I never work more than 15 hours a week, so it’s really manageable. It covers the cost of groceries and even leaves me a little extra to spend!