Some of Gannon’s new freshmen have been given the opportunity to live in the new suites in North Hall. See what a few of them have to say about it.

Becah Ford, biology/ pre-med:

I have found North Hall to be a great place for my home away from home. My roommates and some of my fellow freshmen have become like family to me. The new building is a nice addition to Gannon’s campus and I feel so lucky to be living in it; it makes the transition from high school life to college life much easier.

Seth Morrisroe, biology:

North Hall is a beautiful building. The view from the main lobby on the 5th floor is an amazing look out onto the lake. The interior of the suite area is spacious, and the dorms themselves are all very neatly made rooms.

Taryn Wright, sport and exercise science:

I love North Hall. It’s very convenient for me and I love that there is a kitchen that we can use. I’m glad we all got the chance to be the first to live here.

Vanessa Cherry, theatre and communication arts:

North Hall is wonderful. The suite-style living is very convenient and practical. I love having four other roommates, rather than just having one. I am very satisfied with my choice to live in North Hall. It exceeds the expectations I had placed on it prior to moving in.