Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In honor of today’s holiday and the “luck o’ the Irish,” we decided to ask a few Gannon students what they do for luck and if they believe in superstitions.

Cristen Manion, freshman theatre & communication arts major:

“I do believe in superstitions – most of them are theatre related. I was always told that if everything didn’t go wrong on the last dress rehearsal then the opening night would fail. But the weirdest was always if you don’t leave a ‘sacrifice’ to the theatre ghost then everything would start to break, including people.”

Cassie Groner, sophomore LECOM 2+3 pharmacy major:“I have a lucky T-shirt I wear to every test that says, ‘Jesus is Rad.'”
Seth Brown, sophomore physician assistant major:

“I don’t believe in superstitions.”
Amber Oaks, junior pharmacy major:

“Yes, I knock on wood all the time.”

Nick Keller, junior mechanical engineering major:

“Fortune cookies. You eat one half of the cookie, read the fortune, and if you want the fortune to come true you eat the other half.”

Amanda Harrigan, junior communication arts major:“I’m Irish so I’m naturally lucky. I wear green everyday whether it’s my socks, my shirt, rings or my purse.”
– Carly Lyons contributed to this post.
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