¡Buenos Dias from Uayma! After a chilly night of sleep in hammocks at Santo Domingo Church, we had a wonderful breakfast of eggs, fruit, chilaquiles, pastries, and pancakes with Father Felix!

After breakfast we took a tour of the church and learned about the history of its structure and the renovations made after the roof collapsed a little over 25 years ago. After a nice tour of the church, we packed up our things and said goodbye to the parishioners. 

We all piled in the van and ventured over to see a cenote in which the local people swim in and we were able to admire the natural beauty of one of the 6,000 cenotes in Yucatán. We then ventured to a small local pottery shop where we met Emelio. Emelio showed us his pottery shop which has been a family business for over 4 generations. He showed us how they make the clay, different techniques that go into making each piece, and even showed us a demonstration of how he makes his bowls. The busy season for the pottery shop is during October when people come to buy specific bowls to place food in for their past loved ones as an ofrenda for El Diá de los Muertos. We were able to admire this small local business and also help support it by purchasing some of the unique pottery pieces for ourselves and loved ones. 

After visiting Emelio, we got back in the van and drove to a cenote in which we were able to swim in. This cenote was breathtaking and having the opportunity to swim in it was a once in a lifetime experience.

After swimming, we dried off and got back into the van for a long 3 hour trip back to Casa Blanca. Overall the day was jam packed and we are all exhausted to say the least. Everyone is excited to see what tomorrow brings and what adventures will come!

By: Rachael Surlaka