We started our day with a quick breakfast at casa blanca and headed to downtown Merida. We split into groups and everyone shopped for around an hour. Many people got frappes, cookbooks and even vanilla!

We then made our way back to casa blanca to pick up David and a couple of items we left behind. We drove around 30 minutes to Progreso beach and went to mary mar beach club. We were able to relax by the pier, play some cornhole, and swim in the gulf and pool! We enjoyed some iced cold drinks in the 100 degree weather at the club as well.

Azu, Liz, and Noah all joined us and we grabbed lunch at the club. The rest of the time there we enjoyed soaking in the sun and taking pictures before leaving at 6.

We then headed to downtown Merida to enjoy the Oaxaca traveling fair. Here we enjoyed some music, shopping, and snacks! After a fun day, we headed back to casa blanca for a light dinner and our last reflection.

By: Sam Mastropaolo