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Students on and around a college campus are always looking for fun things to do. One of Gannon students’ favorite exciting places is Harbor View Mini Golf course.

Harbor View Mini Golf course is located a convenient eight blocks from campus, allowing students the chance to have fun close to their home away from home. Cost will always be a factor for college students, but never fear! This putt-putt course is inexpensive even on a college student’s budget. Despite the low cost, the playing course is uniquely and professionally designed. It challenges all skill levels, so whether you’re a beginner or a putt-putt expert, you’re sure to have fun.

In order to make the course even more outstanding, the designers have added “Mischief Spinners”. These crazy additions allow each player to spin the wheel before their putt and try their luck. The spins range from excellent advantages such as, “make another player add two to their score for this hole,” or “enter a zero as your score,” to punishments such as, “putt this hole using only your non dominant hand.”

Complete with water works, bridges and trick slopes, this putting range is a great place to hang out and relax. Students should be sure to check out the concession stand and the up close view of the marina. As its name suggests, Harbor View Mini Golf is nestled into the bay front so that golfers can catch a glimpse of the waves while enjoying their game.

The quiet atmosphere and scenic design makes the putt-putt course not only fun but relaxing. Eric Stormer, sophomore Political Science major agrees. “To me it’s a great atmosphere right next to the water to go escape and have a good time. That’s what makes it a great spot,” he says.

Many Gannon students frequent Harbor View Mini Golf course looking for fun, relaxation, and competitive activities. Whether hanging out with a group of friends or one-on-one, Harbor View Mini Golf is undoubtedly a Gannon student fave.