There’s less than a month left until the end of the school year which means it’s almost moving time for many students. Here are some tips to make it easier to get all your stuff home:

1. Split it up across trips: Planning ahead can save you a lot of effort. If you’re going home for Easter break or any time before summer, or you have someone coming to visit, take or send some less necessary items home then. Winter clothes are less necessary as it gets warmer, so send those back first.

2. Invest in space-saving bags: We’ve all seen them on TV, those weird bags that you put your clothes in then suck the air out. They actually work and they’re reusable for any future moving.

3. Put it into storage: Especially useful if you live very far away and plan on returning next year, putting your stuff into local storage can save you the hassle of moving it long distances. Storage space costs money, however, so try and find a few friends to chip in and split the cost.

4. Ship it back: Also useful for distant students. If you run out of space in your car or if you’re flying home, then use the postal service. Try and send lighter and more compact items like clothes.

5. Leave it with a friend: If you have a friend staying for the summer, then see if you can leave some items with them. While they won’t want your entire closet occupying theirs, they might agree to some useful items like furniture or cooking utensils.

6. Don’t move at all: Erie is a great place to be in the summer and Gannon offers affordable housing to students who are staying for classes, sports or work. If you’re lucky enough to be able to stay in the apartment you already have, then you don’t have to move at all!

Whichever of these tips you use, plan ahead and start packing early and you’ll have an effortless time on moving day!