Hello friends, families, loved ones, and others reading our blog!

Today was our second day of service around the community. We cleaned up landscaping by clearing trees and bushes and installing a new fence and gates for the front yard. Everyone on our team used tools and did tasks that were new to us! We had a lunch that was full of yummy food, reflection, and insightful dialogue. We learned more about the Diné culture and traditions. After finishing service, we went back to the farm from yesterday for another home-cooked meal. Tonight was Navajo tacos (with that delicious fry-bread) and sweet blue corn mush. The food was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

During dinner, we learned about an amazing non-profit organization (https://www.collectivemedicine.net/) that helps gather and distribute necessary resources to Diné people such as water and firewood because many people of this community still do not have access to these needs.

After dinner, we had the opportunity to watch a traditional Hoop Dancer, which enabled us to learn and appreciate their culture on a deeper level. We finished the night with an intentional and reflective fireside chat under the beautiful, star-filled sky with each other and the gracious people hosting us. We are excited for another day in sunny AZ!