During the week of Jan. 22-28, a very important event is highlighted on every girl’s social calendar: sorority recruitment. Like them or not, fraternities and sororities play an important part in college life. They organize social events, provide community service and offer a sense of school spirit. Like many other girls at Gannon, I put on my cutest shoes, warmest coat and friendliest smile and set out to choose the best sorority for me.

Spring recruitment officially started with a brief informational meeting about Greek life and the introduction of Rho Gammas. Rho Gammas are unbiased helpers whose mission is to assist Potential New Members (PNMs) in choosing a sorority. After a description of each day of recruitment, I was ready to meet the sisters of each sorority.

Day one of recruitment was described as a “Meet and Greet.”  Each sorority on campus – Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Gamma Delta, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Sigma Tau and Phi Sigma Sigma – was represented at a table in Yehl Ballroom. After a brief presentation from the different chapters, the prospective pledges were free to roam from table to table and learn more about each sorority. Although it was a bit overwhelming being bombarded by information on philanthropies, local mottos, symbols and Greek Week, I thought this part of the weekend really gave the potential new members a general feel for each sorority.

Day two was spent in rooms of Palumbo, where each sorority set up a party for the PNMs complete with food, decorations and games.  This part of the weekend allowed each girl to meet all of the sisters in each sorority. It let them observe how the sisters interact with each other and let them visualize themselves in the sorority. This was my favorite part of Recruitment Weekend because I met so many new people and had a blast traveling from room to room.

Day three was a bit more personal. If a certain sorority and you clicked, you would get invited back to that particular house for a tour. Hanging out with the sisters in their own house put the potential new members at ease and help them choose the right sorority that most matched their ideals. Granted, it was chilly (and exhausting) trudging from house to house in fancy clothes, but in the end, this part of the weekend really helped me to narrow my decision.

Day four was the most somber and serious of all the days. On this day, your top choices for sororities would invite you to join them for a ritualistic ceremony. After the ritual, the potential new members would go into a secluded room and decide which sorority was their top pick. If both the girl and the sorority chose each other as their top pick, the sorority would offer the girl a bid. The last day of Recruitment Weekend is called Bid Night, when the girl reveals which sorority she pledged to and is united with her future sisters.

By the end of recruitment, the sororities collectively gave out around 50 bids to PNMs.  It was an exhausting weekend, both physically and mentally, but for the girls that accepted bids, it was fulfilling and exciting. I am so excited to be initiated into a sorority and can’t wait to get to know my sisters.

Congratulations to those who accepted bids! Go Greek!