If you follow our social media, you probably know about the different types of content that we post. A handful of us make videos for YouTube, or work on podcasts. Since we have gotten new team members at Edge, we will be adding more content to our Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and our website!

The newest additions to our team include Marcel Deya, Jason Wood, and David Long, and we are so excited to have them!

Each of them will be adding to the content that we create. Jason plans on making YouTube videos, Marcel plans on doing podcasts and sports posts, and David is interested in videos and pictures. Coffee Conversations with Carrie and Cassidy and Roommate Edition with Brit, Muriel, and Chloe will still run, and may begin to be posted more often. We are aiming for new videos every week.


This is Jason Wood!

He is a Nursing major, Sophomore, and his dream job is to be an Oncology Nurse. His hobbies include hanging with friends, cheer, and taking naps.



This is David Long!

He is a Senior Criminal Justice major with goals of eventually heading off to law school with emphasis in Law and Policy. His dream job would be a career as a Strategic Business Development Consultant, with a large consulting agency. He would like to work with higher education, nonprofit, and governmental organizations. His hobbies include bike rides and annoying his mother. He enjoys singing and photography and just getting to know people.



This is Marcel Deya!

He is a Senior Communication Arts major. He does not yet have a specific dream job, but he’s driven. His hobbies include making music, taking photos/videos, and raising the roof.


We are all really excited about the new additions to our team and about having new content on all of our social media.


Keep an eye out for all the upcoming content!