The internet can be a horrible place.

These words, no doubt, have been written before, and I can guarantee they will be written again. After all, for every wonderful site (like ours for example) dedicated to your favorite genre of music or, yes, pictures of baby animals (which the internet will never get over – and why should they?), there’s a message board designed for those who want to be offensive for the sake of being offensive.

It was no surprise, then, when the internet lost its mind at the announcement of a Ghostbusters reboot starring four of America’s funniest gals, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon (three of which have been or are current Saturday Night Live cast members – just like two of the original Ghostbusters). Now, rather than focus on or rake up all of the gross, undeserved hate that made me want to quit the internet for a few days, I’d like to take some time to talk about the film. As someone who loves movies enough to have taken a screenwriting course here last semester and am currently enrolled in an Art of Film summer class, I truly believe it is one of the better reboots of the past decade, and that its social importance will shine even brighter than its comedic stars.

So from a completely objective standpoint, what did you think of the movie, Aaron? That’s a great question, hypothetical reader. It. Was. Awesome.

Let’s start by talking about what worked. Honestly, I was grinning like an idiot throughout the entire movie. It was arguably funnier and scarier than the original, mostly because the original was more of an action movie with comedic leads than a comedy, so to speak. Anyways, this updated take on the franchise took just enough influence from the original to pay respects to it while simultaneously crafting its own universe – an accomplishment in its own right for a reboot of this scale. As many have said before, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones steal the show, and Chris Hemsworth has some great moments as well, and the cameos and minor cast (especially Zach Woods) act as a charming added bonus.

Even the references to the original film were tasteful without being low hanging fruit. So, Aaron, is there anything you didn’t like about the film? I’m glad you asked, hypothetical reader, and yes, there certainly is. But the things I didn’t like — mostly parts of the third act that I felt went a little overboard — were miniscule in comparison to just how much fun this was. And if we’re being honest, what’s more overboard than a giant marshmallow man terrorizing the city?

I would even go as far as to say that the 3D works in favor with the film’s over-the-top special effects, something I almost never agree with. Lastly, that Ghostbusters actually benefits from being a PG-13 film with enough humor for adults and adventure for kids as opposed to being a total raunchfest – something we might have gotten with an Adam Sandler or a Seth Rogen Ghostbusters.. In short, this movie made me feel like a kid, and I’m so excited for actual kids to experience this the way I experienced the original.

Honestly though, the coolest part about the entire experience was hearing the little girl sitting in front of us yell, “That was so cool!” at the end of the movie. I know it sounds cheesy and perhaps even unbelievable, but hearing that made me realize 1) why reboots like this can be great and 2) that none of what those misogynistic ultranerds on the internet have to say holds any weight. Seeing that girl so happy and in awe means the Ghostbusters have already won.