Whether you are starting college and getting ready to live on your own for a bit or just need some tricks on how to make your life at home a little less cluttered, you have come to the right place. When you have little time and are rushing around to find that certain item you cannot live without, you quickly realize that it could be anywhere buried under that giant pile of clothes in the middle of your bedroom. You only wish those clothes were neatly folded and put away and your room was spotless, that way you would not have to waste precious time scrambling around to try and find what it was you were looking for. Each of these five  simple tips will make cleaning up your room much more enjoyable and even add some of your very own room decor without even knowing it. 


Avoid Tangled Cords:

    If you own anything that has a cord attatched such as hair straighteners, phone chargers, hair dryers or anything of that sort you know that it can be a pain when everything is in the same drawer and every cord is tangled up together. All you need is an empty toilet paper roll that you can decorate with paint or washy tape if you choose to and you can use the roll as a sleeve to hold the cord to avoid all of your products getting tangled up which helps tremendously.


No Slip Hangers:

    When your clothes constantly keep falling off the hangers it can be just as annoying when you have to keep picking them back up. All you need is a hot glue gun to make a zig-zag type design on each side of your hangers and once it is completely dry it acts as a grip to hold your clothes better. Wooden hangers are recomended for this, as they work the best for the application of the hot glue.



Use Clothes As Room Decor:

    Sometimes it feels that your closet is too full no matter what you do and there is no more room for anything else. A quick way to easily add a decor piece to your space is using a clothing rack. It saves room in your closet, it saves you money when it comes to buying room decor and there are times when things are shoved in the back of the closet that you forget about and by using this your items are easily displayed.


Use The Same Hangers:

    Yet another hanger tip! Something that not a lot of people realize or think of doing is using all the same hangers when organizing your clothes. When you use the same hangers it visually looks much more organized opposed to using all different types of hangers. It does not matter which kind you buy, whether they are plastic, wooden, velvet or any kind you prefer as long as you stick to using the same ones in your closet.


Always Find Your Favorite T-Shirt:

    All of us are guilty of getting into the habit of just throwing our clothes on the floor or rolling them up into a ball and shoving them in a drawer. But when you are spending twenty minutes looking for your favorite shirt, that is when all breaks loose. All you have to do is fold your clothes like you normally would, but have them face upwards where the logo on the shirt is facing toward the drawer instead of facing up toward you, so that way you can find every shirt you are looking for and is so much more organized.