Heather Neu is a 2007 alumna of Gannon University with a Bachelor of Arts in political science. After Gannon, Heather attended SUNY Buffalo School of Law, graduating with a Juris Doctorate in 2010. 

Raise your hand if you knew that Gannon had an alumni association? A few people, cool. Cool, cool, cool. Now raise your hand if you knew some of the amazing benefits offered by the Gannon University Alumni Association? Bueller, Bueller, anyone?

If you didn’t raise your hand, don’t worry, you’re not alone – and I can’t see you anyway. The National Alumni Board (i.e. the Starfleet Command of the Alumni Association) wants you to know who we are!

We recently started writing a monthly feature article in The Gannon Knight to share the National Alumni Board’s initiatives, showcase our successful alumni and connect to the student community. In addition to such worthy purpose, it has an awesome name: AlumKnights. Board president, Scott M. Krall ‘84, shares Alumni Association 101 in the first installment. Allison L. Boyd ‘07/‘08M explains our outreach to current students, aka the future alumni here.

Scott’s article neatly lays out all the benefits of membership, but to summarize: Visit www.gannonalumni.org and click our “What we offer.” Find cool alumni events in your area and our plans for homecoming! Get access to career development and employment services! Contribute to the Gannon University Alumni Association Endowed “Power” Legacy Scholarship, which is awarded to children of alumni!

I am a very recent addition to the Alumni Association and the National Alumni Board. While on the Gannon Alumni trip to Italy – awesome alumni perk alert – my sorority sister and Assistant Director of Alumni Services, Erin Q. Sekerak ’04, asked me to consider joining the board. Well, Erin, let me think about it. I had recently taken my first conscious steps into adulthood. The job of my dreams was in my sights, I decided I actually like being Rochesterian and I started looking for a house. Bananas. My life was starting to come together, so let me try to give back to the place that played a huge role making me the person I am today.

Without getting too sappy, I really did find myself at Gannon. Between my Phi Sig sisters, Honors brethren and incredible poli-sci professors, Gannon created a safe space for me to learn who I was and grow into the person I wanted to be. The Alumni Association is helping me to reconnect with my Gannon roots and keep building roots for my fellow alumni.

The Alumni Association has a lot to offer. See what it can do for you!

The National Alumni Board will be on the Edge regularly spouting our elder wisdom, so please comment and feel free to send any questions our way (or to gannonalumni@gannon.edu).