As you’re reading this, I am lying on the beach in the Outer Banks, enjoying the sun and a good book.

Alright, I’m not. I’m probably scrambling like a mad person trying to fit every last possible thing into my suitcases. Yes, multiple suitcases—because I’m not just packing for vacation, I’m also packing up my entire life to move into my on campus apartment. This means that I’m running around all day, trying to organize my apartment stuff and find my other flip-flop and my favorite beach towel. My sisters are just laughing at me at this point, as they packed for vacation about 20 minutes after my parents announced we were taking a vacation.

This is typical for me though. Whether its schoolwork, packing or making a decision about anything- I tend to always do it at the last minute.

Yes, I know leaving things until the last possible moment isn’t particularly the best decision on my part. Things always get done and turned in on time, they just aren’t done until the night before they’re due.

Throughout my first year at Gannon, I tried my best to prioritize everything and do all of my homework on the day it was assigned and that approach worked for me…for a while. However, while my tasks were getting done, I felt stressed and I could tell I wasn’t putting all of my efforts into my work. About halfway through the semester, I had to rethink my methods.

Now, I make a lot of lists of things I have to do. All of my homework gets written down, along with all of the things I need to do around my room. This way, I have something to make a tactile and visual connection with what I have to do and it keeps me focused.  Crossing something off of a list also feels really good and being able to throw out a list because you’ve finished it is an amazing feeling.

I’m off to make another list – or five before I finish packing and head to the beach. Hope you’re having a great last few days of summer!

Talk to you soon,


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