There’s a trend buzzing… or, rocking.

I first saw this in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio by members of the Facebook group “Northeast Ohio Rocks,” participants have been painting rocks and hiding them around the city. The rocks are sprinkled with happy messages, bright colors, or inspirational quotes.  Individuals who find a painted rock snap a photo and upload the picture on to the group’s Facebook page and then re-hide the rock.

It’s a win-win scenario: members of the group get to express themselves creatively through rock painting and participants find a rock with a cute message transcribed on it. It’s kind of like a combination of geocaching and an Easter egg hunt, but somehow even happier. This movement was initially started to get people up and moving during the doldrums of the year. However, it’s quickly turned into a feel-good sensation that’s sweeping across all of Ohio.

Now this movement has spread to Gannon University’s campus and the Erie community.

Let's kick off the weekend with something awesome.. *SPOTTED* some pretty amazing #GURocks all over! Let us know if…

Posted by Gannon University on Friday, July 14, 2017

Knights have painted rocks and hidden them throughout campus and around the Erie area. The idea is simple, you find one, you feel good, you share it.

If you find one – let us know! Be sure and tag us + Gannon and use the hashtags #RockOutErie and #GURocks so we can see how far these little inspirations travel! (Plus check out the Erie Facebook page for the group here.)

2017 has been… rocky (…pun intended #sorrynotsorry). In difficult moments, acts of human compassion are especially cherished. This is an excellent opportunity to pass along some good juju and inspire your fellow human. Plus, you’ll be able to get up and explore your campus and community – what could be better?

The way I see it, this whole activity can be a metaphor.

If you take something as plain and ugly as a rock, turn it into something beautiful, and share that gift with your neighbor, then why couldn’t you do the same with the year of 2017?

Be a ray of sunshine in a time of darkness. Pass on that positive outlook to your friends, coworkers, classmates, or even random people on the street. And keep your eyes peeled for little brightly colored rocks on your journeys through campus. If you stumble upon one, snap a pic, use the hashtag #RockOutErie and #GURocks, and spread the good vibes.

You never know who might need some pebbles of positivity!

From Frontier Park to Presque Isle to North East… #GURocks are being found all over – thanks for sharing, and keep it up! #RockOutErie

Posted by Gannon University on Saturday, July 15, 2017

-article updated from MK’s original to include new Rock Out Erie and #GURocks posts and photos, but the original thoughts, ideas (and full intention of sharing inspiration and positivity) is all MK’s! #GannonFamily, always.