This playlist is one Missy Elliot song away from being a total blasty from the pasty, but it’s a solid set to listen to if you need to maintain positive vibes. This is my favorite playlist for when I’m cleaning my apartment. I make a mean dance duo with my Swiffer Wet Jet.

The Quick and Dirty of it:

“Fluorescent Adolescent” — Arctic Monkeys

I find that my fondness for songs is often linked to a fun memory or a particularly good time in my life. The Arctic Monkeys and Fratellis were both from my musical heyday. It was about my junior year that I started developing my own distinct taste for music. “Fluorescent Adolescent” has the strong, bassline start that sets the mood for the rest of the playlist.

“Futures – Feat. Jose Gonzales” — Zero 7

I listened to The Garden album in the fall of my first year at Gannon. You could say it was a pretty good time in my life. It’s when I made most of my friends that have stayed my friends during these four years. I played this song on many a drive down Presque Isle.

“Superfast Jellyfish” — Gorillaz

This song is how I knew my soon-to-be boyfriend was one cool dude. I was already a huge fan of the wildly good Plastic Beach album when said guy played this song at a social gathering. It sparked our first conversation and we’ve been sharing music ever since.

“Daylight” — Matt and Kim

This memory takes place at the Cleveland House of Blues where Matt and Kim were absolutely bananas during a concert. I’m a huge fan of live music, but I’ll admit that there are those bands who just can’t hold their own in front of an audience. This was not one of those bands. Instead, I felt like I was at a party that Matt and Kim were hosting in their living room. The music was great, but the conversation that occurred between sets made me love them even more. Listening to this song makes my heart feel like it’s going to explode rays of sunshine.

“Vie en Rose” — Pomplamoose

YouTube this band. Their videos are pretty great and Nataly Dawn is the cutest French Linguist/bass player ever. Their music is just as interesting as she is. I can watch their videos for hours because their energetic and creative and make me want to make my own YouTube music, but alas, I am not as skilled as these human nuggets of gold.

“Nine in the Afternoon” — Panic! At the Disco

Best Panic! song, hands down. Their Pretty. Odd. album is so choice and is framed after the Beatles’ Sgt. Peppers. I argue it’s the band’s most well-conceived album.

“Point/Counterpoint” — Streetlight Manifesto

Everybody has those moments where they need to feel the pure bliss of absolute madness. That feeling is this song.

“Be Calm” — Fun.

The first song I ever heard from this band — long before they were cool — as well as the best song at their concert when I went to see them three years later in Rochester, NY.

Full Playlist: