Mornings aren’t very pleasant for me. I’m usually blindly rummaging around my room looking for shoes and the closest pair of sweatpants, tripping over backpacks and piles of clothes, before stumbling out the door on my way to class.

You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, getting up for an 8 a.m. is awful. I feel your pain.” But don’t get too sympathetic because my earliest class is at 10.

For those of you who actually get up early and need something to help you wake up, I humbly submit this playlist full of the most upbeat indie songs I could find. It might make that morning stumble to class bearable.

1. “Miracle Mile” – Cold War Kids

A great way to start your day. It’s a total hype song that was made for sports highlight videos.

2. “Alexandra” – Hamilton Leithauser

Keep the upbeat attitude going with this track that sounds like an old-school throwback.

3. “Good Day” – Jukebox the Ghost

This song is aptly named.

4. “Wolf Like Me” – TV on the Radio

A song about werewolves – who doesn’t love those? You’ll be howling along to this one. (Was the wolf joke too much?)

5. “Angela Surf City” – The Walkmen

The soundtrack to a day on the beach. Think happy thoughts.

6. “You, Me, and the Boatman” – Quiet Company

Some good ole indie pop flavored with a little punk. Simple as that.

7. “Camilo (the Magician)” – Said the Whale

I dare you not to sing along. It’s got a sunny vibe that’ll make your morning a good one.

8. “Time Machine” – Frank Turner

For those days when you wish you had a time machine to take you back to when you were in bed.

9. “Trusty Chords” – Hot Water Music

This playlist wouldn’t be complete without some southern flavored rock n’ roll.  Let the loud guitars and raspy voice take you away.

10. “Does This Mean You’re Moving On?” – Airborne Toxic Event

No, but it does mean the playlist is over. Aw, shucks!