When you’re in college, you’ll be assigned all kinds of assignments. Expect papers, projects and research, and not just from classes. Extracurricular and honors activities will send things your way, too. But don’t worry, Gannon is here to help with all kinds of resources at your disposal.

The biggest asset is undoubtedly the faculty, be it your academic advisor, who is meant to help you with almost everything you’ll encounter at Gannon, or just a teacher you developed a personal relationship with. The entire faculty is here to help you. It’s what they’re getting paid for. When you’re working on that big research paper, never doubt the impact of a quote from a teacher in that field. It’s a source that’s both reliable and personal.

All the teachers at Gannon are willing to help but, the best faculty member for you to talk to will be your advisor. They are the ones who will work in your major and have the best advice. Trying to figure out which class to take, what clubs to join and how to go about getting that internship are all things your advisor can help you with because they’ve likely already been through it.

Another great resource on campus is the Nash Library. Nash is probably the best place to go if you need a quiet place to work. It features two computer labs, private study rooms for personal or group work, an entire floor of periodicals and, of course, books.

In addition to Nash Library there is also the Power Room. This late night study lounge is open several hours past the library for those long nights. The Power Room is filled with computers and work tables in addition to three private rooms for groups, two printers connected to all the computers and vending machines to fight off those late night munchies.

Gannon is filled with resources and depending on your major you’ll find more than apply even more to you. Science majors will find open lab hours, communications majors have the production studio, theatre majors have the entire theatre to work in. Gannon believes in you, and will provide the tools to help you succeed.

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