We all love Knight’s Cove. It’s convenient, the line is short(ish), and its food bar is ever-changing. Today, I am going to rank these specific food bars, which was harder than I thought because I love all food. So here are the five food bars, ranked greatest to least greatest along with a small blurb as to my reasoning behind it.

1. The Illusive Potato Bar

This one is my all-time favorite. It has only  happened once in my life time and I am holding onto hope that it will happen again soon. Little freshman me loved the potato bar. Maybe it is my intense love for potatoes (I am Irish, after all) or maybe it is because they had waffle fries, but the potato bar will always hold a special place in my heart. I need not say more about this one; it has likely left its own impact on your lives.

2. Pasta Bar

Another one of my all-time favorites. Two weeks for this food bar is definitely worth the wait. Having the choice of frying vegetables and the assortment of cheeses all make this bar worth the long line that usually seems to follow it. The sauces also add to the appeal. I can never seem to choose between the marinara sauce or the Alfredo sauce, each is wonderful in its own way. Plus you get a bread stick, which is wonderful.

3. Taco Bar

Number three in the rotating schedule, number three in my heart. Everyone who has ever eaten here knows that a taco is a taco and sometimes you just need a taco to help you through the day. If we did not have the taco bar,  I feel fairly certain we would not have Knight’s Cove, either.

4. Asian Bar

The Asian bar: who doesn’t appreciate it? It is the perfect blend of spicy and sweet. And don’t forget about the egg roll; it makes the whole meal.

5. Panini bar

This is a brand new thing Knight’s Cove has introduced into their menu. My freshman year, we had no such thing. The panini are delicious, but I had trouble keeping it all together. The struggle was definitely real in the first five minutes of unwrapping the sandwich. Overall, it was amazing and I would definitely eat it again; next time, I will prepare myself by bringing a bib or not wearing a white t-shirt.

Each Knight’s Cove food bar has its perks. Each is wonderful in its own way. Knight’s Cove is spectacular for its ever changing menu and its cultivation of allowing students to experience a wide variety of food. Even though the food bars are ranked (sorry, someone had to do it), I can safely say that all of them are equally loved by, dare I say, all of us. (Okay, love is a strong word, but we all deeply appreciate each one that made the list.)