If you have ever listened to an average college student, there are two phrases that you have probably heard: “I’m bored,” and more often, “I’m broke!”

There are lots of ways to combat the two dreaded “B-words” around Erie, but one of Gannon students’ favorite places to spend their free time and not too much of their money is at Erie’s dollar movie theater, Cinemark’s Millcreek Cinema 6.

Although Gannon’s Activities Programming Board shows movies on campus regularly for only a dollar, a lot of students like the change in environment when seeing a movie in an actual theater. Cinema 6 is located right next to the Millcreek Mall at 5800 Peach Street. It’s not within walking distance of Gannon’s campus, but with free rides with a flash of a Gannon ID on the “e,” Erie’s public bus system, it’s easy for students to travel to and from the theater.

It may not be the biggest movie theater in Erie, but it certainly gives you the most bang for your buck. Cinema 6 can show up to 5 different movies at a time and offers a multitude of different amenities. It shows not only 2D movies, but it has the capabilities to show 3D movies as well, with crisp, clear pictures. For only a dollar a showing, it can’t be beat!

And that’s not all the theater offers. There is a kiosk located on the premises for ticket purchasing by yourself, or if you are the kind of person who likes to buy their tickets ahead of time you can pre-purchase tickets online. The theater has closed captioning and is able to offer listening devices to the hearing impaired as well as being wheelchair accessible. It even has an arcade!

And of course, what would a movie theater be without concessions? From sodas, buttery popcorn, and candy that will satisfy your sweet tooth, you’re bound to find the perfect movie snack.

So dig some quarters out from under your cushions and head on over to Millcreek Cinema 6. You can also check its website to see what other movies will be showing in the future.

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