Having just finished finals here at Gannon, we asked some of our peers what they do to get their minds off of school and relax.

Luis Pontillo, junior theatre and communication arts major:
After spending my first year in college, I realized the chaos that is the life of a true student. Having lived within this chaos for a year, it began to dawn on me the importance of having balance in one’s life. I began to practice many recreational activities in search of a niche to keep myself sane and quickly found myself visiting the Mental Health Association for meditation classes. Since going to these weekly classes and learning how to properly meditate, I began implementing 30 minutes to an hour of meditation into my daily routine. This small change in my day-to-day has balanced the chaos that is college life with the peace and quiet of meditation.
  Janelle McDaniels, freshman biology /pre-med major:
I like to get my mind off school by taking time away from the books. Swimming and water polo help to get my mind off classes, and hanging with friends gives me time to relax and recoup. Either way I just look to have some fun.
  Dytanya Johnson, sophomore communication arts major:
I play basketball or listen to music to escape from school. The focus I have to put into plays and assignments on the court takes my focus right away from school. Music is like a portal to another place, anywhere you want to go. When I listen to music I can see the world the artist is describing – it takes me there.
  Adriena MacWhirter, sophomore biology/pre-med major:
To keep school off my mind I like to pretend to be Martha Stewart (minus the jail part). I often dance around my house, craft, and spend hours upon hours on Pinterest. Recently, I have been baking, but I cannot figure out why. Also, I spend time with people whom I love and keep me sane, which includes my family and friends.

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