Well it’s here…my last blog. I’ll be experiencing a lot of lasts this month since graduation is less than three weeks away. All those seniors out there (high school or not) know exactly what I’m talking about.

I felt the same way as a senior in high school as I do now. I’m so excited to graduate, and I definitely feel like it’s time for me to graduate, but this excitement is accompanied by nostalgia and apprehension.

We loved finding all of the fish and frogs around the city as freshmen here.

I’m finding myself looking through old Facebook albums with increasing frequency, discovering forgotten gems from my four years here at Gannon. Freshman year really does seems like ages ago.

This must be the part where I, the sage, experienced senior on the brink of graduation, impart my priceless wisdom to you, right? I’m supposed to list out all the fool-proof methods I’ve discovered for a flawless college experience. Well, there is no such method. Besides, who listens to that sappy guidance anyway?

All I have to say is that college goes by too fast. Yes, the exams and the papers are important, but that’s not what I’m remembering as I flip through the pictures. I don’t have an album called “That awesome poetry explication.” Now, I’m not advocating neglecting classes and schoolwork, but try to stay balanced. Don’t spend your freshman year in your room by yourself — nobody wants to look back at college and say, “Wow, I took a lot of great naps while I was at GU.”

So, as I’m filling out job applications and beginning to work on term papers and final projects, I keep thinking about all the people who have made my time at Gannon so great. I hope that my fellow seniors can look back on their undergraduate experience with such fondness, and I hope the same for any high school seniors as well. If you’re not about to graduate, keep making those memories so when you’re in our place you too can look back on something extraordinary.

To all the soon-to-be graduates out there: good luck, keep calm and carry on.

Now, four years later, we have just as much fun as we did back then. We're just a little older. And yes, those are cheese sticks.

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