Scheduling is a joyous time of year where college students can forget about old classes and focus on moving forward in their education.

This blissful time reminds us how quickly times passes, but it also tends to bring to light how much we hate modern technology.

There is always the debate of whether we want a light or heavy work load, every class on Tuesday and Thursday, or would you rather have five 8ams?

Trying to find a class you won’t hate to take.

You pester all your friends for references toward a professor to know if they are easy or the devil sent to torture students.

Begging your friends to take a class with you so you’re not a loner….or actually to split book costs.

You have the weirdest scheduling time.

And discover a few underclassmen get to schedule before you.

You slowly watch as the class you wanted fills up, frequently refreshing the page minutes before your awkward schedule time.

Pressing the schedule button is like pressing the detonate button.

Hopefully your computer doesn’t shutdown.

You wait in line at the registrars to sign-up for said filled class because you will not, I repeat, WILL NOT, suffer through an 8am next semester.




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