I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never really loved to work out. And by ‘never really loved’ I mean I hated it.  Physical excursion and “no pain, no gain?” No thanks. I’d rather curl up with “Pride and Prejudice” in the Lazy Boy on the second floor of the Nash Library with some chai tea from the Intermezzo Café.

That was my exact mindset that I took to the gym the first week of classes my sophomore year. My dedicated and athletic roommate cheered me on as we walked together to the Carneval Athletic Pavilion. I tried to mentally prepare myself for the task ahead – I had my water bottle, my iPod, a magazine to flip through and – of course – my cell phone for breaks between sets. I had every distraction in the world at my hands.

We entered the gym and climbed the stairs to the second floor where I saw the dreaded stationary bikes – but they had television screens on them, the lazy person’s dream! My roommate and I took two bikes side by side and soon discovered that you could race the person next to you as you biked through the mountains on the television screen. Being the competitor I am, I pounced at the opportunity to win a competition. Despite my greatest effort, my roommate creamed me.

That bike ignited a fire under my feet.  I knew I needed and wanted to get into better shape, I had just never done anything about it.  From that day on, I played racquetball and joined the intramurals. I’d make it a competition to be motivated. I joined the cardio classes and step classes that the center offers – my decision to join the gym was one of the best I’ve ever made.

Our gym has helped me gain confidence and motivation that extends beyond the walls of the rec center. I feel better about myself and my abilities. And the best part is: I learned to have fun while doing it.

Gannon’s gym is the perfect place to find some motivation to work out. Who knows; maybe you’ll grow to love it, too.