I cannot believe it’s already November. The holiday breaks are coming up and I am one step closer to graduation. It dawned on me the other day after a grueling week that we have to remember that while we are students and we are here to get a good education, we are allowed to have some fun.  I have had a really busy schedule which hasn’t allowed for much fun lately.

I generally dread November for various reasons.  It usually only brings the gloomy change of season weather, lots of tests, and nothing really to look forward to except for Thanksgiving.  However, this November is already off to a great start and is only going to get better.

A few weekends ago was Gannon’s homecoming which was packed full of fun events as well as the inauguration of our new university president.  I attended the pep rally to support my sorority’s homecoming candidate.  It was a lot of fun and there were even fireworks!

On Saturday morning, the annual parade down 6th Street took place.  All of the sororities and fraternities generally pair up and dance to music that’s based off of the APB theme. Most of the on-campus organizations have a banner and a float and it can get really competitive.  I didn’t participate this year in the dancing due to my heavy class load, but I did go to the parade to support my sorority.

I was more than impressed with all of the organizations’ hard work but especially my sorority’s dance routine.  They were awesome and the crowd loved them. We ended up placing third in the dance category!  All of the dances were great and there were some really neat banners and floats.

Saturday night was the homecoming dance and I decided to go since it’s my senior year.  I don’t really like school wide dances but I have to say I had a blast.  I would have definitely regretted not going.

This coming weekend is my sorority fall formal which is always a blast.  It is nice to get together with all of our sisters and dates and just have a good time.  The following weekend APB is sponsoring a bus trip to NYC. I was lucky enough to score a ticket and could not be more excited to go. I absolutely love NYC!  I feel so alive when I am there and I dream about living there someday.  One of my close friends is also going and we are already planning our itinerary.

We leave Gannon Saturday morning at 1:00 AM and get to NYC around 8-9:00 AM.  We then have the whole day to do whatever we want.  We are to meet back at the bus around 7:00 PM and then we make the trip back to Gannon. We are planning on going to see the Statue of Liberty and possibly to a museum and then eat at a fancy restaurant in Times Square and do some shopping.  It is a long sleep deprived weekend but I just love being able to go.

The weekend following the big trip is Thanksgiving and I will be home with my family.  Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday because I love having all of the family together. Also, I love to help cook the turkey and all of the fixings.  We usually put the Christmas tree up the following day, one of my favorite things to do to start off the holiday season.

It is so hard to believe that I am a senior in college and am planning where I would like to be after graduation. But for now, I’m going to keep myself very busy.

Check back with me to see how the rest of the semester turns out!

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