Student: Allan Collins
Junior Psychology major and mathematics minor

Joining WERG his freshman year, Allan knew prior to his Gannon career he wanted to DJ with this award winning, student run radio station. He has had a love for music since he was a little kid, and participating with WERG has continued to expand his knowledge of the industry, but also increase his love of music.

Since joining, the past three years have given him a variety of opportunities. I sat down with Allan and discussed with him some of his jobs at WERG.

Allan: I have a lot of cool jobs, first as the music director. Each week I get to pick the new songs that get to be played on air. I also get to decide how often songs get played on air, edit the new songs and I’m in charge of the Tuesday Top 30 and Top 90.

Tuesday Top 30 is a weekly run show that showcases the top 30 alternative rock songs of the week played on WERG. Allan gathers data and determines the top 30 of the week, as well as the top 90 that occurs at the end of every year.

Outside of WERG, Allan juggles his school work and swimming career. He still has been able to tackle on more fun at the station though. Beginning of the 2017 fall semester, Allan created his own specially programmed show on WERG called Record Surfing.

Allan: Record Surfing is a pretty basic show. Each Friday of each week new music comes out of all different genres, not just alt rock, which is what we mainly play at the station. I pick 6 of my favorite records from the week and I play them to the audience of WERG. I review the album on air and talk about their strengths and weaknesses. Being a music guru, I love to review, so this show is probably my favorite thing at WERG.

As music director, Allan seems like he does a lot, but his love of music seems to push him through the work, so it doesn’t really feel like work.

Allan: There are actually a lot of things that radio has helped me to grow for future use. I mean, first is that I have become much more comfortable with talking in front of people, so giving presentations have become way easier. Also, you wouldn’t think it but there are a lot of interviewing skills you can pick up from having to talk on air all the time. I have also learned a lot of different computer skills that will hopefully help me in the future. And you know what, I lied, Record Surfing isn’t really my favorite thing at WERG. It might sound cheesy but I’ve made a lot of cool friends, that aren’t in my major or who don’t swim, so that’s a big bonus too.

Despite his many hats, Allan does enjoy other aspects of WERG, not necessarily station related.

Allan: We had a secret Santa this past Christmas which was super cool, I met the new freshman and got closer with a lot of the DJs.  During spring break some of the DJs all head to NYC for a big conference. We also enjoy a staff pick show, and get to talk about fun stuff on air. Anyone can do a radio shift, no matter what major you are. The station has communication majors, english, theater, education and maybe even a few engineering. I think I’m the only psych major actually! So I’d love to have a few more around if anyone wants to join.

Anyone interested in joining WERG can contact it’s general manager, Molly Cooke at, or stop by the station, the door is always open.