As the second semester progresses, continued motivation is key. We all know that classes will become increasingly difficult, so we need to become increasingly motivated to achieve the futures we are all working towards.

In some ways, this semester will be less of a challenge than last. Being away from home – farther for some than for others – was something to overcome in itself. This semester will not be as difficult in that aspect and everyone should be proud of what they have accomplished since August! Similarly, being thrown into hard classes last semester was a little overwhelming. Now that we all have a better feel of what college classes are like and what is expected of us, the classes we have chosen for ourselves will be easier to take on. We are now more prepared for our classes, but motivation, as we all know now, remains crucial.

Tips to keep a hold of your motivation: keep up with all of your classes, get help as soon as you suspect you will need it, stay focused on your goals, manage your time efficiently and give yourself breaks as well. These small steps can benefit every student, not just freshmen.

Good luck, everyone! Remember to take advantage of all that is available to you here at GU!