Today was our second day at our work sites and our 5th day here in San Lucas. We had the opportunity to celebrate Ash Wednesday after breakfast and before going to our worksites for the morning. Our group split into three seperate groups one group who worked at a house building windows and sealing block and the other two worked on making stoves. We had the opportunity to connect with those who we worked with today over pictures, music and even snacks. After leaving our worksites we got to go to lunch and attend a coffee presentation in the afternoon. During the coffee presentation, we got to observe and even taste how many different ways coffee can be brewed.

We left the coffee presentation to attend a sunset drive at the most beautiful site we have ever seen. Lastly, we got to wrap up the day with a delicious dinner at the mission and reflection as a group. 

Grace & Alyssa and the Guatemala Gals and Nathan

P.S: Click on the link below to see an actual video vlog from today. You can also go to @cataordonez Instagram to see a reel we did to the trend “I’m passing the phone”