Eternal Sunshine of the Student MindThere is always that time between Christmas, New Year’s and going back to school that feels sort of strange. I mean – don’t get me wrong – I’ll take all the days off I can get before packing up and heading back north! But still, it’s that time after getting and giving presents where you finish writing thank you notes, take the Christmas CD out of the car and try to get your head set up for the upcoming semester.

For example, my younger brother; Jason, started back to high school this week. I got up feeling a little guilty that I was headed in to make coffee in my sweats while he carried his alto saxophone and clarinet to the end of the street in the snow – but this is just one of the benefits of being in college: this awkward extra group of days where everyone else is back at work or school and I’m, well, here.

So, I’ve taken the advice of a few of my own recent blogs and made a list of things to accomplish. At the top of my list, sleeping, and then of course spending as much time with my boyfriend George before he flies over to London to study abroad for the semester! (But more on that later…)

Next on the list is making sure I have all of my classes lined up and ready to go. I don’t want to get back and realize I’m not fully enrolled or don’t have enough notebooks. Also, I need to print out a schedule; you don’t want to miss the first couple of classes – that’s just embarrassing.

Finally, I’m working in perfecting two scenes for the Irene Ryan Scholarship competition next week. I’ve been working with my partner on finalizing which scenes we’ll be doing and I’ll be headed out to Indiana University of Pennsylvania the first week of the semester to compete! Wish me luck!

So, the list is made and the days are numbered. I hope you’re also enjoying your break – even if it ended today 🙂

‘Til next time,