I’ve never really heard someone say, “Man, I’m sure glad break is over. It was just way too long.” To most people break always ends too soon, but I can honestly say that this time around I began to miss school. Sure, parts of school can be a pain – mainly the workload – but the friends and experiences are really special. I certainly came to appreciate them when I was far away from it all.

I must say that being home was nice. Besides having ample time to sleep, I got to see people I haven’t seen in some time and catch up with them. I also had the chance to see family and meet plenty of new people. Through it all, though, I felt an itch to get back to campus and pick up on the activities and relationships I left behind.

And that’s the strange part! It constantly felt like I left unfinished work in Erie. I’ve reached the conclusion that the last day of a semester isn’t really an ending, but a notification that that campus will be taking a hiatus. This feeling of unfinished work has to do with the fact that my life no longer centers on home. I’ve come to accept the fact that my life where I used to live is static. The life I’ve built and am living at Gannon is dynamic and progressing. It’s a reality of life. As we age and mature life takes a different route, whether or not we foresee it.

As I left my Tennessee home, I tried to appreciate all of my past experiences for making me who I am. Hopefully I can keep that mentality so that I can better appreciate everything around me as it happens.