Hi again!

As the summer months draw closer, I must admit I’m getting anxious for May to roll around. I’ll no longer have the ever-pressing load of schoolwork, and I will be able to go out and enjoy the sunshine and nice weather, which has come rather early this year! But, there is much to be done before I can officially call the school year done.

For example, next week marks the start of Greek Week, in which the whole Gannon Greek community will be participating in a number of competitive activities such as a raft race, volleyball and dancing, as well as many others. I would go into more detail, but as this will be my first time participating in Greek Week, this is all new to me…plus I’m sure Greek week will make for a worthy topic to talk about in the future! 🙂

Also, the F.I.R.S.T. Robotics project I had mentioned in a previous blog is coming to an end.  The robot is starting to take shape and come together. It still has a way to go, though – the motors still need to be programmed and the robots need a few final touches. But we’ve come a long way in just a couple of weeks. Friday will be the last time we will meet with the students, and, we will hopefully finish the robot and squeeze in a few test runs. The high school students will soon be attending a competition in which they will get the chance to test out their robot’s skills in comparison to other robots built by other high school students.

As excited as I am to finish out the year, I must admit a part of me is dragging my feet.  Overall, it’s been a good year and it’s a little sad to see it come to an end. My sophomore year has been one heck of a ride, and I’ve learned a lot.

But, as I said before, the year’s not over quite yet!

Thanks for reading my blog!


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