Finals week is quickly approaching here at GU, and students across campus have already begun preparing for tests. We asked a few commuter students how they prefer to prepare for their finals.

Chris Sambuchin, freshman, sports management and marketing:

“I think it’s more distracting to study at home because I have the TV, a car and a job. I try to come to campus to study, especially at the library.”

Chazzie Keyes, junior political science major:

“It makes it easier to study because I have the Commuter Corner. I have a lot of time between classes so it’s great that I have a place to study.”

Rebekah Sirak, sophomore nursing major:

“In a way it’s harder to study as a commuter because lots of people study at the library, and you have to come back to campus to study with others. At the same time, being a commuter gives me more privacy.”

Michael Cramer, freshman mortuary science major:

“I use the power room and the library, especially to get together with other students. I also have the advantage of off-campus resources, and there are less distractions at home.”

Naeif Ibrahim, freshman criminal justice major:

“I study anywhere, especially the Commuter Corner and on campus because I can focus better here than at home.”

Josh Angelotti, junior sports and exercise science major:

“I study mostly at library. I used to study at home but that got harder with distractions. I also work third shift at St. Vincent, so I study there.”

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