Between Pennsylvania’s lack of sales tax on clothing and being one of the largest shopping malls in the county, the Millcreek Mall is a popular destination for shopping, eating and hanging out for Gannon students and visitors from Pittsburgh, Ohio, and New York. But some new additions are about to make it even more popular.

On March 4, several stores and restaurants were announced to become new additions to the mall. While rumors had been floating around for a few months, the list included some new surprises in addition to the highly hoped for favorites.

The list includes clothing stores H&M, Forever 21 and Carter’s, restaurants Mad Mex and Primanti Bros. (yes, the Pittsburgh one,) jewelry store Pandora, pre-teen and teen focused discount store Five Below, and outdoors-focused Field & Stream.

The stores will replace some recent vacancies, including Gap Inc., Heritage Wine Cellars, and Burlington Coat Factory.

Junior physician assistant major Marissa Caroniti said she’s most excited for Forever 21 and definitely believes she and other students will be visiting the mall more for these stores.

The Pittsburgh-based restaurant is what sophomore political science major Michael Haas is looking forward to most. “Some of the culture from Pittsburgh will be able to positively influence Erie.” However, while Haas thinks the new additions might appeal to students, he’s hoping to see some growth closer to campus.

“We should be getting more stores like that downtown. We need a grocery store downtown, like a small Wegman’s. So if you’re on campus, you can easily walk there,” Haas said. Wegman’s and other (grocery) stores, take note.

Regardless of what comes next and where, Gannon students can be assured that there will continue to be new places to hangout, eat and shop for years to come.