We recently covered renovations to Gannon’s Nash Library and explored its brand new facilities. But that’s not the only change happening on campus; more renovations to the recently reopened Beyer Hall are bringing new and unique features to students on campus.beyer-hall

I talked to Tony DiPasqua, the Assistant Director of Greek Life and campus management here at Gannon about the new renovations to Beyer Hall and what he hopes the students will get out of these new facilities.  When asked about what excites him the most about the new renovations, DiPasqua said he is very excited about the location and the convenience of all the activity programs being under one roof.  He is also excited about the new features for students to use in their studies, including new cubical desks that provide privacy for students who are looking for a place to study or get work done. In addition to these new study spaces are  spaces for students to meet up and work on projects, including a state of the art conference room that students can reserve for study sessions or group projects.  The newly improved Beyer Hall is also easier to navigate according to DiPasqua, who said Beyer Hall will provide more opportunities for students to become more engaged with the staff, student groups and faculty.

The new space starts on the second floor of Waldron and encompasses three floors. On Beyer’s second floor, you will find Suite 200, which is a collaborative student leadership space that includes the Student Government Association (SGA), Activities Programing Board (APB), the Interfraternity Council  and the PanHellenic Council. Suite 202 is where the global support and student engagement offices (formerly known as the International Student Office) are located. Next door, in suite 203, is global admissions and outreach (formally known as the Office of International Admissions).

The third floor of Beyer is where many of the student services are located.  In Suite 305, students can find the Office of Learning Abroad and Global Initiatives (TRAVEL Program) which provide students with opportunities to travel and experience new places.  Suite 306 is the location of the Student Development and Management Administration. Also in Suite 306 is the new home of Residence Life.  Here, students can talk about housing and learn more about the living opportunities on campus.

Lastly, the fourth floor is where you will find the section of Beyer that contains many of our resources for foreign students.  Tony DiPasqua said that he was excited because the new location is convenient in correlation with the other offices in Beyer.  In Suite 403 are the English Language and Global Training offices. Also on the fourth floor are the Interfaith Prayer Room (Room 402) and the English as a Second Language classroom (Rooms 405-409).

DiPasqua believes Beyer’s new location will help grow the Gannon community closer and give students easier access to more services.