numbersHi everyone!

So, in my marketing class we’ve begun working on our final project, and it actually has real life implications. Most projects are done under hypothetical circumstances and the results are easily planned. My professor is helping a co-worker figure out how to market, label, price and improve his new business venture. The product is a hitch-mounted auto-carrier designed to hold extra baggage, wheelchairs and anything else that can’t fit in a vehicle.

The man who invented the product is a pilot who has been recently diagnosed with cancer, and he is using this idea as way to cope with his illness and being unable to work. He has only produced one or two sample products so far, and he brought in pictures of the product to show the class. The whole class had input on how the product can be tweaked and how to make it more user-friendly.

Though the product is not a completely unique idea, what he lacks in originality he makes up for in usability. This project has an added level of difficulty because we know that he has so much competition – if we don’t create a product of value he could fail. So, we as a class have to get together research, find a target market at the right price and also make the product the best it can be.

It’s nice knowing that the things I’m learning and doing in class is what I will be doing in the real world.  He has put his heart and soul into his work and we have a chance to make his dream come to life and help him be successful. I hope I can help him out and make this product successful.

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