As a tour guide, I get to show both potential and accepted students how I see Gannon and Erie. One way I do that is by mentioning all the “secrets” and “life hacks” I’ve discovered in my time here, the best things about Gannon that few people know about or utilize; some include:

  1. Courtyard Café: The Courtyard Café is located in Morosky, a long walk for some, but well worth it. The combinations are sumptuous, with many unexpected flavors like pesto mayo and sun-dried tomatoes, and the flatbread pizzas are delicious as well. The best part is, they take meal-plans, and so if you’ve got the time, Courtyard Café is well worth the trip.
  2. Metz Culinary Management: Time and time again has proven to be receptive, responsive and friendly. First, many of the employees (special shout out to the ladies in Doc’s Landing) are extremely friendly and will get to know you by name. Second, any comments or suggestions submitted to Metz (in person or through one of the many comment boxes) are always read, always responded to and any suggestions or requests are almost always utilized, so send them in.
  3. Cutting through buildings:  It’s no secret; winters in Erie can be tough. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be survived. Besides wearing layers and bundling up, I always walk through as many buildings as I can, even if it means going a little out of my way. A little more time is well worth the warmth.
  4. PaperCut: Gannon’s online system makes printing a lot easier for students. Students can print to almost any printer on campus from the comfort of their own laptop. Documents sent to the server stay there for 24 hours, so I’ll often send a paper I need the next morning the night before, then pick it up on my way to class.
  5.  Erie Theater: I might be a little biased, but Erie is one of the best places in the nation for theater, especially if you’re a student. Productions by the Schuster Theatre at Gannon are always free for students and many local theater companies offer discounts for students as well. Get a little culture in your life and check out the fantastic shows the city has to offer.
  6. The Printing Press: Gannon has its own printing press in the basement of Palumbo. While it’s mostly used for printing university materials, it’s open to use by students and faculty as well! Clubs can bill any purchases to their account and students can also pay out of pocket. It’s a lot cheaper than a Staples or Kinkos and the quality is great.

Now that you know all the secrets I’ve discovered, go forth and utilize them and maybe discover a few of your own!