Our statisticians have been crunching the numbers, and the results are in. Here are Edge’s ten most popular posts of 2011.

10. 10 Ways to Explore Other Cultures in Erie by Hiba Almasri (3/10/11): Being an international student myself, I know how important it is to identify with places that feel like home and to try new things. Therefore, we present you with 10 ways to explore many cultures and satisfy your soul, spirit and stomach while you’re at Gannon. View this post >

9. Academic Decathalon Coach Celebrates Championship by David Reichard (3/23/11): After months of preparation, three competitions and a first place finish at the Ohio Regional Competition, the Academic Decathlon Ohio State Championship was a success! This past weekend, I left student teaching at the end of the day and drove to Cleveland to meet my team, Youngstown Christian School Academic Decathlon. View this post >

8. Click Thru GU: Carneval Athletic Pavilion by Chelsey Klube (5/9/11): The Carneval Athletic Pavilion, also known as the Rec or the “CAP,” is free for all GU students. Inside, you’ll find a gymnasium, pool, racquetball courts, a fitness center, cardio rooms, free weight room and locker rooms. This is also where intramural sports take place. View this post >

7. Prep U for GU: Gannon Glossary by Carly Lyons (8/10/11): Starting your college career is an exciting time — for many, it means living in a new place (or at least commuting to one), meeting new people and starting a whole new way of life. While this can be exciting, it can also be a little daunting with questions like: Where are my classes? Who will I eat with in the cafeteria? How do I get to my residence hall? Edge Magazine has compiled a glossary of all things Gannon, which will help you get adjusted to life on campus. View this post >
6. 1,000 Words: When a Great Lake Freezes by Carly Lyons (2/5/11): Finding the beauty in winter can sometimes be difficult. Aside from the cheer that snow seems to bring around the holiday season, winter is often overlooked as a gloomy season in Erie — but one visit to Presque Isle State Park during the winter can cure those feelings. Snow, ice and wind transform the park into another world, filled with beautiful ice dunes and sandy snow drifts. View this post >

5. Click Thru GU: New Residence Hall by Chelsey Klube (6/28/11): The yet-to-be-named new residence hall will open for the first time in August 2011. This suite-style living will house both freshmen and upperclassmen. Construction crews are putting the finishing touches on the building, which will definitely be ready in time for move-in day. View this post >

4. Delta Sigma Phi Brothers Make Spring Break Plans by Kathleen Cahill (2/17/11): With spring break coming up in about a week, many students have begun making plans for a relaxing week away from classes and homework. The brothers of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity shared their plans with us. View this post >

3. Prep U for GU: Residence Hall Survival Guide by Chelsey Klube (5/11/11): Moving into a residence hall – whether suite-style or dorm-style – takes some adjusting. Don’t worry, we’ve lived there and have some tips for a smooth transition. View this post >

2. Finding Retail Therapy at Millcreek Mall by Ryann Beaumont (1/25/11): If there’s one thing many college students could use when the stress of classes gets to be overwhelming, it’s a little retail therapy. So where can you go to find those perfect heels or a new video game when you’re on a college student’s budget? The answer is less than five miles southwest of Gannon at the Millcreek Mall. View this post >

1. 10 Ways to Enjoy a Stress-Free Finals Week by Ryann Beaumont (4/14/11): With finals week quickly approaching, we thought it was a good time to dole out some useful tips on how to stay stress free as the semester winds down. It’s wonderfully exciting to look forward to the classroom-free days of summer, but that can also make it hard to stay focused in school. Follow these 10 simple pieces of advice, and you’ll be skating smoothly through the last few months into the summer sun. View this post >

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our list of Edge’s most popular posts of 2011 is based on the number of visits to each page. Edge contests including Ultimate Fave 2011, High School Mascot Mayhem and GU Cribs were not included.