Yesterday, we ran down a list of the ten most popular Edge posts of 2011. Now, it’s our editors’ turn. Check out each editor’s picks for the top posts (and runners-up) of 2011.

Did your favorites make the list?


Sarah Sgro, managing editor

Favorite Post: Love of the Game is Greater than Pain by Megan Clumpus (10/7/11)
Through working in the athletic training room, and being an injured athlete myself, I’ve seen every type of athlete with every type of injury over the past two years: torn ACLs, fractured tibias, concussions, strains, sprains, bruises, and even a branding or two, or three. However, one occasion that will forever remain in my memory is a football player who fractured both bones in his arm at three different locations.
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Runner-Up: Sci-Guy Braces for Something Wicked by Matt Kridel (10/21/11)
“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.” This line from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” pretty accurately describes my life at the moment. Between fall break and November 5th I have 4 midterms, a 10 minute psychology project, final preparations for and putting on Stage Fright and Homecoming. Add this to my already busy schedule and suffice to say I have a lot to do.
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Matt Kridel, assistant editor

Favorite Post: Praying for Understanding on 9/11 by Fr. Shawn Clerkin (9/11/11)
I didn’t know anyone in the planes or in the towers. I didn’t lose a brother or sister, uncle or aunt, friend or acquaintance. But I knew that after this day, my life, the lives of all of us, would be forever changed.
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Runner-Up: VIDEO: Can’t Dance, Can Save Lives by Edge Staff (2/12/11)
Find out how holding a human brain in her hands helped junior biology/pre-med major Ryann Beaumont choose her career path.
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Keefer Kopco, video editor

Favorite Post: The Teenage Dream vs. College Reality by Brianna Woods (11/3/11)
As a girl, one of the more major aspects of my life has to deal with guys. I’m your typical, average teenage girl. There’s nothing about me that says I am above falling in love or too smart to have a crush. Some things are just inevitable and I have accepted this fact.
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Runner-Up: College: There’s an App for That by David Kramer (10/28/11)
I love tech. There is no doubt about that. For me it is probably borderline obsession, but I have no problem with that. I have recently been thinking about how each new class of students who go to college bring new technology with them. The newest item of tech is the tablet. These range from an iPad, Blackberry Playbook, HP Touchpad, maybe even the new Kindle Fire. The question is however, is having a tablet for college something that is worth having?
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Allison Kessler: photo editor/assistant video editor

Favorite Post: Faithfully: Living, Learning, Growing in Faith by Shawn Hogue (12/16/11)
College is one of the most exciting, yet challenging parts of a person’s life. Choosing where to go is a complicated decision. What friends you meet, the quality of your education and the opportunities you could have are all based on what school you decide to attend. We at Edge acknowledge this and strive to make that transition from high school to college as easy and comforting as possible.
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Runner-Up: Being Philosophical in a Brave New World by Sarah Sgro (9/5/11)
This semester, along with my business classes and my French class, I’m taking an upper level philosophy class about communication. This is the class for which I’m probably most excited. We are going to do a lot of reading, something I love, starting with Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and George Orwell’s “1984.” Even though I’m an avid reader, I haven’t read either of these books and I’m excited to have the opportunity to not only read them, but study and interpret them in depth.
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